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With the participation of more than 200 businesses in the Recoleta area, BAFA is presented: Buenos Aires Fashion, the new Fashion District of this emblematic area of the Capital to promote the offer of art, fashion, hotels, gastronomy and jewelry of the region.


Combine the identity of the area, through the BAFA District Brand, officially endorsed by the GCBA and by the companies that are part of the project, with the purpose of communicating and promoting the offer of art, fashion, hotels, gastronomy and jewelry of the itself, with the aim of prioritizing it in the face of national and international tourism that visits the City of Buenos Aires.


Position the District as a commercial and cultural icon of Latin America, focusing on the revaluation of its cultural and historical heritage.


Revaluation of the cultural and historical heritage of the neighborhood

BAFA's coverage is included between Del Libertador, Pte. Quintana, Cerrito and Pueyrredón avenues -covering the center of the neighborhood's commercial scene-, that is, Alvear avenue, Posadas street and the different emblems of that sector of the Communes 1 and 2.

This private initiative with strong public support from the GCBA, forms a district that combines the offer of Fashion, Art, Gastronomy, Hospitality, Deco – Design, and Jewelry of the ring that contains La Recova and Av. Pueyrredón, with its cross-sections.

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"Today fashion has a high value as a national industry, accompanying the launch of Buenos Aires Fashion is promoting a productive, tourist and cultural enclave of great importance for the development of the City"

José Luis Giusti

Minister of Economic Development and Production

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